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Maria Ronzoni The COOPERATIVA PRODUZIONE MERLETTI was founded in 1920 by Ms. Maria Ronzoni. Its purpose is to protect the lacemakers that used to work for the various stores based in Cantù until that moment.

This is how the "lacemaking" profession is born. It allows women to take care of their houses and help the family economy, together with granting themselves a small pension.

Since the Cooperativa was founded, all the items would be hand-made by our associes and employees, as we keep on doing today.
Traditionally, the lacemakers learned the profession from the family, mother, grandmother or mother-in-law. Each one of them specialized in the realization of some production techniques, so it was possible to make wonderful laces using each worker’s skills and abilities.

Together with its main activity of Cantù lace, the Cooperativa developed also the art of hand needlework. Thanks to the teaching of some Canossian Mothers, they managed to create a school, which instructed many talented needleworkers, some of whom are still active.

Our lace production embellishes bed sheets, tableclothes, bedspreads, curtains, towels, and so on. These are the most classic uses, but we are open to the most particular and challenging proposals we receive. This is the reason why in our store we have a wide range of ready-made product, mainly of small and medium size. We make more challenging articles only on request.

It comes without saying that we guarantee the hand production for each and every phase of the work.

Moreover, to keep the lace tradition alive also in the new generations, we organize laces lessons, together with selling all the material lacemakers require.

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