Mass Set

The Mass set is composed of five pieces:
  • Animetta (or ball) size cm.18x18 (it is a small square made of linen that is used to cover the goblet during the Mass) see image.
  • Purificatory (it is a linen rectangle handkerchief with a small cross embroided, that can have various size and that is used during the Mass)
  • Corporal (it is a linen square handkerchief that is used during the Mass to cover the goblet)
  • Manutergi (it is a small white linen towel that is used by the priest to clean himself) 
  • Amitto (it is a linen cloth that is used by the ministries of the Church to cover the neck)
Each one of the five pieces is made in pure linen, with hemstitch and a cross embroided in the middle.
All the pieces are finished with a light lace, and of course everything is hand-made.

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