Cantù lace story

Foto Negozio Cantů lace is born around the end of 15th Century thank to the monastic order of the Humbled, that had a nunnery in Cantů, in the Saint Mary cloister.

These nuns were affiliated to the Benedictines from Cluny, France. It is still undetermined about which of the two nunneries gave birth to the "bobbin lace".

The first works had the purpose to embellish the altars and the sacred garments of the priests.
Then, since the results were good, they started to create dowry items and clothes for noble women.

With the time, the work of lace was taught to the women in Cantů, that passed it on to their daughters and grand-daughters.

This is how it spread and became known, until it became famous and appreciated as of now.
Foto Negozio

Unfortunately, its diffusion and fortune brought also mystificators, that copied and reproduced it. In spite of this, the authentic Cantů lace continues its existence.

Foto Negozio

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