Different Points

Cantů lace is made on the bobbin. The "cartina", that is the design made on an holed paper, is fixed to it. The specific wire is put around the spindle, and the lacemaker inteweaves them following the design.

There are different techniques that allow lacemakers to make very different laces, some more difficult than others. Hereunder you can find the most common ones:


Serpentina - Serpentine

It is the most simple, and it is normally the first one to be taught. It is used for all kinds of work, and it is often completed by flowers or basic stitches.

Mimosa - Mimosa

It is a sort of "bow" and its main characteristic is a line of small holes on the side. It is also used for many works, and it is often accompanied by flowers.

Fiori - Flowers

They can have shape of daisies, roses, small roses, tulips, callaes, and many others. They are mostly associated to leaves.
Mezzo Punto

Mezzo Punto - Halfstitch

It is a &quotribbon", normally about 1 cm wide, that has a pierced effect. Normally it is alternated with the serpentine or the mimosa. Sometimes it is used with flowers.
Punto Venezia

Punto Venezia - Venezia Stitch

This technique is also called "Cantů Classico" because in the past it was the most spread and known. It is made of a series of curls, stars and flags that come out of a supporting "bisetta". It is more difficult to make since it requires a lot of experience and good handle. In this technique you can find flowers and bottoms.

Rosalin - Rosalin

This is the most appreciated technique among the ones that are still used. It is also the most expensive, because, in order to make it, the lacemaker needs to have a very good handle, a lot of time and patience, and a thinner wire than for the other techniques. It is made of small flowers, curs, arches, leaves and often bottom stitches.

There are other techniques as well, but the above mentioned ones are the most used for current productions.

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